Tuesday, July 28, 2009

hitoshi's blog

check out my brother's wonderful report LINK use google translate if needed


floatantmania said...

Hello Mark

Thank you for introducing it in your Blog.
There will be Brook Trout which is beautiful in Japan.

Because it is the camera of the mobile telephone, my photograph is not clean.
Please watch blog of the friend by all means.

After the operation because was well-conditioned, went to catch Brook Trout.
I was not able to catch big Brook Trout this time.

Do not you do Facebook?
I was connected to Cameron,Vladan by Facebook.



Hey Hitoshi,

Glad to see you back posting and catching some trout!! Indeed, those brookies are just wonderful, I still remember the excitement of my first brookie in the Uinta, Utah.

Please stay health and keep us updated! Great blog and great post! : )

BTW, for some unknown reason, I still can't post on your blog...