Sunday, July 19, 2009

essential fly

OK, Micro photos, yes. Taken from a expensive micro lens? Nooooo...those are micro function in the Pentax Optio 30. A point and shoot camera. Here is my opinion again.
I always say, before pursuing a good camera, got to know the camera you already have first. This is a hard lesson to myself also, I was a gear head! still is! But by knowing your/my camera, you got a tremendous advantage to get a big BANG from the hard earned money! This is essentially true for photography. In the past few years, condition not allow me to have my heavy duty equipment with me. But, there is nothing wrong with P$S cameras. It's about how you "see" it...the timing and how well you know the subject, how well you control the camera. I hate people complain they said their equipment is not good enough to take good photos... I always said, "maybe just your eye is not good enough..." ha..., of course those are my close friends, instead of punch me, they forgive me. : )

Those are 3 essential flies to me. Rock worms, Baetis mayflies and caddis pupae! Whatelse you need to catch a trout?! How to use them is another story...


flyfishingunlimited said...


Lovely photos and great looking flies. They would be my choice, too!


Hey Vlad,

Thanks! I have a lot of fun tying those flies... easy tie and very effective... will have to take some field photos in the coming trip. : )