Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Mojo Brown

"If I got spare time, I would just go sleep!" It pretty sum my life up currently... busiest period of my life, but fruitful... So... I got a headache in last few days... internet search told me that I need to "be relax" to soothe the pain, let the muscle and vessels "to relax". Instead of went sleep, I picked up paintbrushes and had some good time! I called this trout as Mojo_Brown. Not only it helped me to get rid of some unpleasant headache, but also this painting is for a mojo brother. :o)


wyoflyfish said...

Beautiful piece and subject matter... that is a great work of art.


Thanks for the kind words! wyoflyfish. I mainly do watercolors, but I also like to explore different material and techniques on trout paintings