Monday, January 05, 2009

Catch Magazine Interview in T.F.M

If someone has photo or video content that they would like to submit to Catch Magazine for consideration, is there opportunity for them to do this? And how do you prefer submissions?

O’Keefe - We really made Catch Magazine just for this. We want any and everyone to feel comfortable sending in their photos. A half dozen low res jpegs sent to us via e-mail is a great way to start the ball in motion. People can contact Todd about video submissions. It is really fun opening our e-mails and seeing photos from around the world. Most people are still sending in images that are a little to “editorial” for us. We like art first, entertainment second. Catch Magazine is “The Journal of Fly Fishing Photography, Film and Video”. Our contributor’s should think about creative, original and tack sharp photography first.

See more in depth interview (Chtch Magazine) in T.F.M Blog

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