Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nice Video

Nice footages and very high quality images! All in a good style! I hate music filled all over the video in some other companies... (AEG... you got to watch out your next video... you are close... : )) but this one is not... some interviews, some nice underwater shots... all good...(maybe I should post some bad videos for comparison...:P)


Cameron said...

Where did you find this video Mark? It looks great...especially on your recommendation. I'll have to find a copy for myself.

Funny on your comment about AEG. Sometimes the music does take over what the story could be.


Hi Cameron,
I assuming they (AEG) are not watching my little blog :P. Just try to be nit-picking...They have great video, but sometimes tend to ignor "the power of the surrounding sound"... (try to be cool about the image) well... very "uncool" to me... I felt I was deafen...maybe it's my personal preference in favor of the documentary style. The best film maker so me... is the Felt Soul Media (Runnung down the man). These guys really have some "soul" about "documentary" and they know the movie language...
I will sent this to you... Cameron... no need to buy another one... : )

Cameron said...

Cool. I can't wait to see it. Yes...Running Down the Man was great. It could have been HOURS longer. That fellow is not doing a show that is soon to be out on one of the Outdoor Channels with TU. He is traveling around in a Airstream camper and fishing and filming the show. I can't wait to catch it.

Isn't that trout painted Airstream awesome?!?


Nice Cameron,

Thanks for the link!!