Friday, January 25, 2008

When Philosophy and Science blend in - FlyFishing

- A copy from my writing in a Flyfishing forum - Yuhina

Two things that people are often messing up in flyfishing. Philosophy and Science

Philosophy is what you believe, what you feel, what you enjoy. It is the process in your body/brain. No body knows, except you. Cold, warm, happy, sad, even colors... the green you see is not necessary the green I see or I feel. Be simplify, "the feel" effect is the above post just describe, wine taste is a good analogy.


There are Scientific part of FF. The material, the taper design, even the rod length and the swing motion, no even need to mention "the action" which is over "bended" now in this forum. If these factors are not be able to diagnostic, how a rod designer improve a rod? how a rod designer go out and try to find some "light" "strong" "stable" material. How they talk to material engineers about "feel"?

Sage develop a casting disgnostic software to help people casting. FFF have programs from define those terminology and help people to find out what's wrong with their casting mechanic to certify instructors. "The swing" is a science, "the joy" of FF is a philosophy.

I am a big fan of fiberglass rod, and I also love fastest rod for big water (TCR and XP). Even in the fiberglass (whimpy rod is what other people call us...) there are some "good" ones and bad ones... some are very "stable", they cast softly but the rod tip are not wobble after forward cast. Those rod are "easy and fun" to make a soft/accurate presentation.

I hate arguing through internet, usually I am not too serious about what people say on the internet... but every once of a while people are messing up these two different components. (I am not direct to Steve's post...)

For analogy, When someone is talking about "How the Earth tilt make 4 seasons, I won't just say I love summer because I feel comfortable."

Sorry if I offend some people here... this is just my own little opinion.

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