Thursday, January 21, 2016



flyfishingunlimited said...


Beautiful nature and the food looks awesome. :-) Hope all is regards!


Hello Vlad!

Great to hear from you! All is well here!!
I'm looking forward to your posts and still dreaming about the NE!


brent moore said...

Hi, thank you for posting the casting videos on vimeo. They re very informative. Ive been trying to kearn the underhand cast here in florida because of little backcast room. The skagit style casts are much easier but may spook fish. Ive been trying to learn with a sage tcx 7126 deathstar, and airflo rage 450 gr line and a 4 inch unweighted fly. Ive watched a lot of videos but have had little success. Do you think i should change something with my setup ? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you !
Brent Moore


Hi Brent,

Thanks for stopping by, I am glad to hear my videos can offer some help. The TCX 7126 is a great rod, very sensitive and powerful, I think I was using lines from 320-500 grain on that rod. So your 450 rage should be fine. Regarding spooking fish, I think the only way to prevent that is to reduce your head line and extend the leader. Rage would cast better when paired with MOW tips. you might want to try it. Also the other tip I have to make a more power cast is to concentrate on your line landing and anchor placement when doing scandi style -touch and go cast. I found it will take some time to adjust the power when you lift the line out of the water. Also the underhand drive is important especially when you face breeze condition. below is some video I think might give you some idea about how to execute a good scandi cast. let me know if those tips help. take care, Mark

brent moore said...

Hi, thanks a lot ! Much appreciated !


you are very welcome Brent
below is my gmail acct: markyuhina AT gmail DOT com
I don't check back everyday, so if you have any question, please feel free to email me.
take care and good luck on the spey! Mark


I assumed you are talking about this video right? the setup I post on the video yield a great balance of light line and feel. Also has least surface disturbance.