Monday, September 10, 2012

finding the art

A Fine Line - Film Trailer from Andrew Kornylak on Vimeo.

there are several favorite outdoor sports I can't live without... they might appear to be very different from each other, but essentially, they all share the same beauty - the simplicity and the art come out of it. While surrounded by the modern complexity, mentally and physically...Finding the beautiful simplicity is not a easy task... it's a battle inside me. By starting eating literally "simple food" and simple exercise in the past few years... I start to realized how much I enjoy the simply life and how much my outdoor life were shared by this simply art... a rope, a bare-footed climb and a simple casting loop that will easily erase a complicated mental trouble. : ) Simple life is a constant battle among the complications; only work hard, I see the art and beauty inside of it!

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