Saturday, August 18, 2012

what we going to eat tonight?

Lazy boy's meal! Seafood curry! : ) Here is the recipe for 6 people: One onion, 3-4 red potato, 2 scallion shoots, 6-10 chicken wings, one bowl of shrimps, one pack of squid and scallops(optional). 1/3 of curry paste. Here is deal, buy the best curry paste you can afford, I got them from Japanese restaurant. here is one of the brand I got from the US. link because this is the key element (duh). It will determine the final flavor a lot. Second, make sure you mix different brands of curry if you really want to impress your customers. The spirit of a curry dish is "blend in". See even I am cooking seafood curry, I still will use chicken wing to add another dimension of flavor. Same principle can apply to vegetable. put whatever you like, but be careful not to overpower the curry's main flavor. 1) peel off red potato and cut them in chunks. 2) chop up onions and green scallion. 3) heat up a pan with some vegetable oil, stir fry chick wings (all in) and some green scallion for 2 minutes until the chicken smell good and about half cooked (another 2 mins). 4) put in potatos and keep stirring(1 minute). 5) put half of chop up onion and stir. close lid let it cook for 3 minutes. 6) add half cup of white wine, or better yet (Japanese rice wine) Make sure the flavor start to blend in... and potato start to soften and soak in all the flavors. 7) move to a bigger pot, medium heat, add another cup of water to cover the items in the pot. (like making a soup) 8) Boil the pot, and put in 1/3 of the curry paste, turn the heat to small, slow cooking process start from here. The paste will melt quickly and start to blend all the flavor together. put in another half of onion here. 9) stir frequently to avoid burning the bottom. (the curry pot will thickening and easy to get burned) 10) now, put in any seafood whatever you like (shrimp, squid, scallop or fish). They are relative easy to cook, don't put them in the pot too early. 11) additional 5 minutes should get everything done. I like to put in some "easy cook" vegetable just right before the dish finished. something like colored bell pepper, lettuce, added color and add some "freshness" contrast flavor. 12) pour a cup of icy cold beer! 13) that's it! Bon Appetit! NOTED: curry usually will taste better the next day... not a bad idea to prepare the curry the day before your guests are visiting. : )


nell said...

Gonna have to try this one for sure! Sounds delish! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks Nell...

I think it might be a good match for the coming cooler weather! felt Fall season already in this week and I am excited!! it would be a great idea to mix in some mushroom and bacon!! : )