Wednesday, June 13, 2012

not exactly right, but close... SAGE evolution

1980 GFL Stood for Graphite Fly Rod. Used alone and in conjunction with other model names for years. Not really considered a model name. 1982 RP Reserve Power for long Casts Graphite II 1982 LL Traditional Action 2-5 Weight (LL=Light line) Graphite II 1983 MA Medium Action Entry level unsanded grey rod with simple hardware 1985 RPL or Graphite III RPL Reserve Performance Light 1985 LL Graphite III LL 1986 RPLX Saltwater 8-12 Weight 1986 DS Discovery Series - Moderate Action Replaced the RP 1986 TH? Double Handed ? 1994 SP Generation IV Graphite with Durascrim 1995 SP+ Generation IV Graphite with Durascrim 1995 RPL+ Faster than the RPL. Would be considered moderately fast by todays standards 1997 VPS Replacement for the RPL Back to Gen III 1997 VPSL Replacement for the LL Gen III with lesser components 1997 SPL "Best of show" new rods*Gen III 1997 RPLxi Revised and improved saltwater*Gen III 1998 DS2 Lower Price point Graphite II or Graphite III Not even close to sure about the year 1999 XP Lighter narrower tapered Fast Action Gen IIIe 2002 SLT Medium Fast Action Gen IIIe 2002 TCR Ultra fast action for experianced Casters 2003 LE Entry Price Point Rod 2004 Xi2 New Saltwater rod was first with new generation 5 (G5) Technology 2005 TXL Near weightless for light lines G5 2005 Fli Entry Level Fast Action taper with maximum power transfer G5 2005 Launch Entry Level smoth progressive power curve and very high strength to weight ratio*G5 2006 VT2 Mid price point upgrade to long running VPS 2007 Z-Axis Ultimate Fast Action Rod coupled with trmendous feel (2 piece, 4 piece, Spey and Switch 2008 BASS Finally released after years of development and even showed up on magazine covers with Snook, Baby Tarpon and Pike 2008 ZXL Medum action Cousin to the Z-Axis in weights 3-6 2009 TCX Replacement for TCR but fitting a wider range of castins styles (kryptonite green) Current ONE Flagship "all-around" rod Fast Action Current VXP Ultra high speed line and slender shaft begginer to experianced Current Flight Great features and a great price Current Vantage Medium Fast value rod Current TXL-F Light Line Ultra lightweight Current ZXL Easy and Relaxed like the classic action rods Current Xi3 Salt Water Replacement for Xi2 Current 99 Nymph angler 9'9" with unique taper to make open loops Current BASS II Upgrraded for faster line speeds for big flies still good for Bass, Snook, or Tarpon, Pike and Musky Current ESN Designed for european lirect line nymphing with multimple flies

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sage evolution