Sunday, January 01, 2012

Wishes for my 2012

Wish one: Live Healthy all the way: Physically and Mentally.Go Bike! Go Gym! Wish Two: Less computer time, more paper time! I mean REAL book! Wish Three: Family first, want to spend as much time as possible with my family! Wish Four: Be skillful in my career, too many thing to learn, too little time... so I want to be skillful and be alert and be smart! Wish Five: Be outdoors; more route, hike longer and spent more time in the woods and creeks! Wish Six: Be Artsy: Paint/Draw/Fly Tying/ Fly Casting/Photography/Music/Cooking Wish Six - 1: Photography: read more history and do more readings on bibliography of several interested photographers. Wish Six - 2: Music: Read more about music history; play piano Wish Six - 3: Cooking: focus on Spice. try new ways of using spices. Weeee, seems I will have a ton of things to go through... Be happy to be alive! and be exploratory! Here I come 2012!


nell said...

Mark, These are all fabulous wishes! I trust you will create the space for all of these. I look forward to hearing about them. Happy New Year


Thanks nell! Happy New Year!
I will have to move faster and create those spaces! : )

take care, Mark