Wednesday, October 05, 2011

stage 5

Joan Wulff has mentioned this 5 stage evolution in fly fisherman... 1. want to catch a fish. 2. want to catch as many fish as possible. 3. want to catch a big fish. 4. want to catch a fish in the way you wanted. 5. want to be there and fishing. I think I finally sure, the stage 4-5 is what I am now... I had such a great time just watch my friends execute a fishing task. It is like watch a opera play, tension, delicate and with unknown elements in the air, I enjoy every moment of it!


flyfishingunlimited said...


I like that...

My theory is that as long as you can go out and enjoy the water is what counts. Everything else (fish or no fish) will eventually just fall into place.

Looks like we'll be having some nice weather ahead of us.


Nice theory Vlad!
Yes, It is sooo nice today and in the coming few days! let's plan on something! Mark

nell said...

Mark, I agree with Vlad. I hardly ever catch fish, and when I do they are usually very small. I just really enjoy being out, walking to secret spots, taking it all in. (But secretly I hope to catch a really BIG fish someday, too!)


Ha.... Great! Nell
I agree with you totally! sometime you just want to be the king of the stage 3! catch the biggest one. I confess! eventually everything will fall into place... like Vlad said!