Friday, July 15, 2011

dry fly fishing

It was one of those days that fishing god paged me unexpected, so I have to just go and drink some coffee with him. I thought about old school style before I went, fiberglass rod and clicking reel. Cortland Pro Crest was one of my top choice, smooooth is the game this rod play. A perfect set up for swinging wetflies... (I have been fishing wetflies a lot lately and really enjoyed it.) Well... I DID think about wetflies fishing, but you never know what fishing god have prepared for you... a perfect weather and nice caddis hatch, fish are looking up, splashes along with caddis dancing on the surface... and the flow is just perfect for dryfly fishing! I am glad I brought my dryfly rig with me... SAGE XP 5 weight and SA sensitive trout 4 weight line. Long cast and long distance mend is the ticket...many trout, and all on top, double caddis (#22 turkey caddis + #14 X caddis).


flyfishingunlimited said...

Awesome report Mark and nice pics! That Cortland rod is very cool... Glad you are enjoying nice dry fly action in your neck of the woods!


Thanks Vlad,

I love this Cortland rod! It really surprised me that long before all those advanced technology in rod making..., people have developed some of those lovely casting rods... casting with pretty loop and wiggle with the lovely history! : )

Well... I love modern rods as well... as fast as I can get! I am a "bi"liner! HA : )