Monday, June 06, 2011

choose right tool

this is one of my favorite 3 wt rod, yellow fenwick fiberglass rod from Japan. I matched it with 7 weight line in this skinning water fishing situation. What? 7 weight? That's right... 7 weight line on 3 weight rod to fish this skinning water. The key word here is "skinning water". I only need a 10 feet cast to deliver my fly in this situation. so the 7 weight line would be my choice on this soft rod. And it will load the rod properly for a 10 feet cast (with authority).
On the other hand, if I match this rod with a standard 3 weight line, it wouldn't load the rod properly that I have only 10 feet line out, because the line weight was calculated by use a standard 30 feet fly line in the front. This is just one of the many cases to demonstrate that rule is just for reference, but to follow completely...


flyfishingunlimited said...

Very nice post...! The rod doesn't know what is the number on the fly line box. The blank bends under certain amount of weight, that's all.


Well said! Vlad,
Nice analogy! : )