Friday, May 20, 2011

dogwood blooming, striper running

Couple days ago, I received a unexpected phone call from my friend - Frank. He told me the fishing down there in Alabama is excellent! how good? I asked. "First cast, first fish - 35 lb striper...after I was skunking for a whole week in late April, and suddenly it all happens."
The old saying "the dogwood blooming, the stripers are running". I do miss that!! Usually at this time of year, I will be fishing almost every morning, enjoy the sunrise, the bird songs and the fragrant from different wildflowers.
Frank is a funny character, passion, kind and professional, not really a regular "friendship" of mine, instead, our friendship is more like a "streamside brotherhood" that we don't talk about anything other than fishing, and we probably only meet during the fishing season each year. However, the "simplicity" of this friendship has the same weight as other friendships that I treasured much. When he called, you know he just want to share the pleasure of fishing...

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