Tuesday, December 08, 2009

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A story about our earth! Thanks Youtube!


jabberwock said...

Started following your blog after reading about your adventures with BG in Idaho and Utah. I love your water colors! They are amazing,

Abouth the film.

I watched a bit of the film as it is quite long, but was a bit put off by their use of the word balance. They several times referred to a perfect balance of the Earth's climate.

Which balance is that? The earth has been both significantly hotter and colder in the past. Granted the climate looks to be changing. But is always has. We as humanity have enjoyed about 15K years of conditions amicable to us.

Outside of that grievance the photography was incredible, and the film interesting.


Hey Jabberwock,

Thanks for the kind words. I appreciated!

NO offense, I am not clear which part is irritating to you? can you explain it more?

In my view, this planet is too crowded, and too hot, global warming is not a theory, this is a scientific fact. In the evolutionary perspective, there is no balance in current situation. Sadly, the speed of global warming is way too fast that no organism could adapt include ourselves. There is one good film called "the inconvenient truth" you might want to check them out.

jabberwock said...

see you agreed that there is no balance. The use of "perfect balance" in regard to Earth's climate repeatedly in the film was a little annoying.

I also agree that the climate is changing. Always has. Always will. I started my university career as a physicist and can do the math and understand the studies. I ended up a CS guy and understand computer modeling and simulation, and its inherent limitations.

After a lot of study on the topic I remain a skeptic on the root cause of the general warming trend, and I call it a general warming trend as there appears to be a net warming planet wide, but some areas are cooling. Till the science is more definitive I will remain a skeptic. Simple black body modeling of radiative forcing fails to encompass the complexity of the Earth as a thermodynamic system.

As to "An Inconvenient Truth"... too inaccurate to be considered anything but propaganda.


ha... interesting thought...jabberwock

I have to go back and watch the film more careful what they mean about balance... thanks for reminding.

Well, I do appreciate your thoughts here, although I general disagree with your opinions. The air composition is changing and this is not something difficult to understand. There is the concept of "carrying capacity" in any ecosystem. That mean, there is limit regard to energy and material that you can cycle in any system. The only problem we are facing is that we have released all the fossil energy. This is the extra add to the system and there is no compensate solution for those. For an inconvenient truth, it really depends what information you want to extract from it, if you see it as a political film, it is. If you see some data there and go from there to find more reference, then, it would be a good education media. There is one point in the film I feel very astonishing (sad) is that they mention there are tons of scientific research support the fact of global warming, and 0% support the other. On the other hand, the public medium is only about half support the positive, thus remain skeptic... It is really sad,to me, that even the dedicated scientific research could not reach people's mind and most of the people are still fooling by the public media or put this issue up as an politic issue. Anyway,this is just my opinion, I am not against people have different mind. But I wish they will more open minded to accept other alternative. If you have any reference about the modelings I would love to read it.

BTW, I agree, Climate warming is a general terms for convenient discussion, somewhere is cooling, but this is different than the ice age cooling and it's still harmful for the ecosystems.