Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Donate for protecting fishing access in Utah

Believe it or not, "the lost of interest in outdoors" has caused most of conservation issues, including habitat alteration and degrading. If you can, keep interested in our public water and keep all your friends and kids informed. LINK

“Donate for (Recreational) Access and Use Utah! Fund”

Your support keeps ALL our gained recreational rights preserved

It’s easy…just Donate on the left side column.

History -

A very well connected lobbyist (Hartley and Associates) will fight for the public’s right to Access and Use Utah’s State Waters, but lobbyists don’t come cheap. His fee is $30,000.00 for this year’s legislative session. Half of the fee has been raised already! Times are tight for all of us folks, but if you can spare ANY AMOUNT, please do. Surely we can all skip a fast-food lunch or two and send in the savings. There are 400,000 fishermen in Utah, please pass this on to all you know. Just a few bucks from some of us would get the job done, please step up and help out.

Please note, the landowners have hired their guns and will not underestimate the people this next go-around. The legislature is not going to be giving us neither another sympathy vote nor the bad process vote. We need professional talent(s) AND a heavy backed grassroots effort to accomplish this enormous task we are all faced with. The ball is now rolling, we need to preserve our rights and stand-up against those those are trying to take them away! We learned in the first round not one single person is going to do it for us… it’s up to ALL of us, as a unified voice, to stand together to keep free water free.


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