Tuesday, November 04, 2008

my buddies keep me busy and fishy!


As you all knows, I never get bored talking about fly fishing. flyfishing art, fly fishing techniques, mountain fishing, backpacking, rods, reels,or even how to cook fish! However, there is sometime in the year I have to divert myself away from those fun things and concentrate on my other stuff... Thanks for the internet! The tiny wire always connect me back to those fun stories and good memories! OK, what I try to say is:
Here is a very fantastic story from Andy boy. It is officially nominated the best two stories of 2008 in Yuhina's blog. The other one is BG's Madison BS (stand for: Brown trout in Sumo). Check out Andy's blog!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,
Thanks for the plug to my blog and the praise, I hope more people check it out, it was a great adventure!


Great story Andy.

Keep up all the great works! Keep writing! I had a dream, your trophy is coming... it's a little bit short than BG's but still 31 inches trophy. ha! : )