Friday, September 19, 2008

A Honor, Thank You My Friends!

It's really exciting to see the illustrations get into one of my favorite Flyfishing Magazine - Fly Rod & Reel. Thank you! My Friends! Without your encouragement, there is no way I can do this! : ) Special thanks to Wadin' Boot!(Michael Doherty - 2008 Robert Travel Fly-Fishing Writing Award Winner) It's a honor to have my illustration to go along with your beautiful writing!


flyfishingunlimited said...

Mark-great news! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

BG said...

Congrats man, couldn't have happened to a better dude.... now that your almost famous don't forget about us ; )

Cameron said...

Mark...I could not be prouder of you and glad that you work is getting noticed outside of the internet.

Wasn't that painting from a photo that Vlad posted on his blog? Or does my memory fail?

I can't wait to find a copy of the magazine at the book store. I look tomorrow!


Thanks for the kind words! Friends. I really appreciate that!

Yes, Cameron, the brownie is Vlad's fish and he posted the painting in his blog!

clark said...

congrats man! You are moving up in the world!

Hitoshi said...

Hi Mark,

WOW! Great news
This is splendid
I order this book at once